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April 10


Robert Seman jumps to his death at courthouse

Robert Seman has thrown himself off the fourth floor of the Mahoning County
Courthouse and is dead.

Seman had a status hearing in his death penalty case and threw himself off the
balcony onto the floor of the rotunda.

A Vindicator reporter witnessed the jump.

A news team is at the scene and reports that Seman's body lays covered by a
white sheet on the marble floor of the courthouse rotunda at the first floor
level. His outstretched arms are visible from under the sheet. Seman was
dressed in civilian clothes for the hearing and was wearing a white
long-sleeved shirt.

Yellow crime scene tape is being stretched around the columns in the rotunda
surrounding the body.

A crowd has gathered at the scene. Standing near the body is Seman's attorney
Tom Zena.

Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene has told the deputies staffing the metal
detectors at the entrances to let no one else into the building.

Seman faced the death penalty if convicted of the March 30, 2015, deaths of
Corinne Gump, 10, and her grandparents, William and Judith Schmidt, in an arson
at their Powers Way home the day Seman was to go on trial for raping the girl.

Assistant Prosecutor Dawn Cantalamessa, lead prosecutor on the case, said that
she thinks "it's telling" that Seman leaped to his death instead of taking his
chances at trial.

Cantalamessa said she is surprised because Seman had proclaimed his innocence
and there was no mention of any problems by his attorneys.

She said she was looking forward to trying the case because the evidence was
strong and that the case just about fits every specification for the death

Jury orientation in Seman's capital murder trial was to begin April 12 in
Portage County Common Pleas Court.

The trial of Seman, 48, of Green, was being moved to Portage County after
attempts to pick a jury in September and January in Mahoning County were
unsuccessful because of pretrial publicity.

(source: Youngstown Vindicator)

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