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2017-04-28 16:09:54 UTC
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April 28


Death penalty described as red line for Turkey

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz says that for some European Union
member states the last threshold to end membership talks with Turkey would be
reinstatement of the death penalty by Ankara.

Kurz said at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Valletta, Malta that for
Austria, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had already crossed many thresholds by
jailing journalists and taking other repressive actions in the wake of a coup
attempt last summer.

As such, he said, the EU's strategy to keep Turkey in the fold of acceptable
democratic practices "was definitely not successful."

In the wake of a referendum victory expanding the powers of his office two
weeks ago, Erdogan has been talking about reinstating of the death penalty.
Capital punishment is barred in all EU nations.

(source: Associated Press)
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