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Rick Halperin
2017-06-18 12:03:44 UTC
June 18


Nikko Jenkins is the reason Nebraska has a death penalty

Killers like Nikko Jenkins are the reason for the death penalty. As soon as
Jenkins was released from prison, he committed murder, and as soon as he would
be released into general prison population, I think he would kill again. Prison
officials do not know what to do with him even on death row because he has
threatened to attack another death row inmate.

When people are sent to prison, the public owes them a safe time while in

All those who think Jenkins should not be executed should spend some time with
him. My heart goes out to the prison guards tasked with guarding Jenkins. Each
time they come into contact with him, they're in danger.

I'm so glad Nebraska has the death penalty, not like Iowa.

Leonard White, Fort Calhoun, Neb.

(source: Letter to the Editor, Omaha World-Herald)

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